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Reflektor Interview

  • When did you feel seen for the first time?

This question made me emotional instantly. Hm… I discovered a way of living and creating at the same time based on the needs of others, not mine. Making others feeling seen is the way for me and first time I realised that, was when I first touched the camera and start focusing telling stories that are meaningful to the person(s) in front of me.

  • What is one image you took that’s really struck you?

The photographs I took at my grandma’s funeral. All of them from that day. Untouched beauty of people not noticing my lens at all being present and taking that day in entirely. I did it in my own way. In the beginning I thought I’m protecting my emotions with the camera but in fact I was going even more deep into the moment by looking for details to capture and have the immortalised forever.

I can’t choose.

  • What do you think about the power of images, their impact in our daily life?

I think we consume way too much. Hundreds of different photos throughout a single day. So that being said - when people take the time to go and see printed work it should be impactful but at times it doesn’t get to the public as the artist expects because of the huge amount of consumption. Good and bad work of images. Though times we are living as image makers, creators, visual artists.

  • What is a photographer’s role these days?

To tell stories. Truthfully. The power of photography diminished in the last years because of the amount of “photos” ( when I say that I mean social media platforms and the huge amount of content it is shown on it ) but - big but- photography at its core, will always empower and be there for those who seek shelter under its protective wings. It changed my life. I have eternal respect for photographers and photographs that are crafted with care, patience and dedication.

  • Tell us something about your experience as a photographer in the USA

I learned the hard way how to create and live out of my creativity at the same time. I put together a little studio. In the beginning I had nothing but with time I started to receive things from friends, bought equipment, sometimes I even found things I needed on the street. I used a chair I found on the street from the beginning of my studio days till now basically. More than 200 people sat on that chair I think.

The place was beautiful only when it was full of people and joy - and full of desire for creativity. I am thankful for photography because it gathered wonderful, special people in one place. Photography made a big dream of mine - come true.

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