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Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” ― James Baldwin

I was a never a trouble kid but I always looked for inspiration in the wrong places for too many years and I get to finally feel that now. I'm 26 and I can easily find my inspiration within. I don't need to look for "life to live" because in the past year - so much has happened- that I finally understand that life will continue to mark me with big and small events no matter if I look for them or not. I finally understood " What is meant to happen - it will happen and there is nothing you can do to control it, stop it or prevent it. Just keep running. "

Houston became my retreat. Was the place that I consciously made "internet-free", distractions-free, clean white walls, made sure light will get in every morning in order for me to charge from the sun and most of all - silence. Made sure that I have nowhere to hide.

Finally stopped running away from silence and stillness and embraced it. Finally accepted that "Divinity will never give you challenges without making sure you have the power within to conquer them all. Survive everything." ( even the loudest thoughts )

I truly understood the word "loneliness". For the first time in my life - I'm enjoying my own company and get inspiration from within. It is a level of self-acceptance that I never reached before and so many people would tell me I might reach it later in life. But here I am - in a small white, empty, apartement, with a matress on the floor, a lamp, a bedside table, journals and palo santo. My mind is clear, I have space to "play", I count on nothing to "entertain me" and nowhere to rush.

For now.

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