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Brooklyn, New York


Photographed - Luana Seu
Art direction - Luana Seu
Light design - Paul Grant

Models - Mathilde Levistre , Meeko Gattuso, Tyler Bryan, Adam Vrana, Will Wheaton, Ange Musoni

THE PROCESS OF EXISTENCE brings the audience into Dante’s Circles of Hell, simplified to five major chapters of a woman’s life - childhood, teenage years, maturity, loss of the first love and acceptance of change.
This project focuses on two major scenes: one on Dante’s journey represented by Beatrice as the main character and the second one is on Paolo and Francesca’s love story, both living incredibly painful destinies. The female characters in my work represent the exact power that I am hoping to see in the future in my own country. I chose to give an homage to my insecure young self and all the girls I know who have the same questions.
Having a background in performing arts I chose to create a space for infinite possibilities - a stage or a” black box”. The process of working with the subjects was as director to actor, letting them improvise on the quotes, only creating a safe space for them, providing costumes and key objects to use. For the period of time we were working, we transported ourselves into Dante’s intense and allegorical commedia.

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