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Bucharest, Romania



Poker night fever dream created at @unteatru alongside @rafaelselegean @lvxmachina @silviudaniel @simona_maican @georgianasaraev @___chindris___ @silviudaniel

Styled by @iamocanu

Photographed by @thelu.mag

Assisted and filmed by @andreicnstn

“Poker Night” became reality only because these wonderful group of people in the black room/stage of UnTeatru understood exactly what I asked, at times, without words- encounters, moments that will create scenes.
Ethereal. Eternal. Ephemeral.

It was an absolute pleasure to observe your experience, all of us surrounded by smoke, laughter and desire to emerge ourselves in the story we were creating in real time.

I wanted this project to get the respect I believe it deserves and made my wish come true.

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