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Brooklyn, New York


Light crafted by Paul Grant
Styled by @2latina2care and me
With @youroleksii @edwardbayer @hunt.wb @mathildalvs @walkmyles, @jomerain, @meekogattuso

Placed gently in between the creative and eternal, with the elegance of color, shadow and light resulting in the outmost impermanence. Prelude in the theater.

Confusion. Compulsive behavior. Unsettled, wondering & exquisitely curious. Dangerously brave. The body is a toll. The space is a playground. The choices tell the story.

One of my theater mentors once told me that a good performance is when the audience leaves, not at peace, but with some sort of torment and questions that eventually will lead to anger. Or the other way around. Anger that will lead to questions. A good performance has the power to enhance and “grow” inside the eyes of the spectator. An excellent performance has the outmost power to change the spectator. For life. Perhaps.

The environment encouraged the subjects to behave in a specific way and paved the way to respond with specificity. Having the desire to be, to become, or not to be - in the present moment, someone you always wished to look and behave like - is a blessing and a curse. A curse for the rational mind that will interfere only after the lights will go off, the curtain will close, the smoke will disappear.

Having the “theatrical” playing a big part in how the “stage” was set is part of my background as an actor and performer. The illusion of truth, yet the constant disbelief that this could exist. But it did exist. For all of us. In that present moment it was true. For a few seconds, minutes, hours.

And as C.C Jung said “ By its light you will see the creators: One sits, others stand and walk. Formation, transformation. The eternal mind’s eternal recreation. Covered in images of all creatures, they do not see you, since they only see shades. Then hold your heart, since the danger is great.

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