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Perdite Regiis / Desperately Royal


New York


Mathilde Levistre, Jace Weyant, Thijs Hogenboom
Joseph Monseur, Adam Vrana, Kassime,
Hector Castle

The series will end with the person that inspired it in the first place. I'm deeply grateful for the journey.
This series of photographs are based on the unconscious/conscious.
The moments in between sleep and reality that can feel like a paradise or a losing game.
Dreams derive from real life and the connections are constrained by unconscious desires hence “a dream is the fulfilment of a wish”. Dreams revealed unconsciously repressed conflicts or wishes. According to Freud, dreams are the imagery of a wish or impulse that has since been repressed.

The dream is to be regarded "as a physical process always useless, frequently morbid.

Sigmund Freud, Dream Psychology.

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