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November 2023


Opera Studio, Bucharest, RO

Opera Studio




An ancient Chinese proverb goes that women hold up half the sky.
This year has been one of the most intense for me as a woman, as a Citizen of this world.
I learnt how difficult it is to live as a woman in the opposite parts of the world. After all the research and studying, almost being obsessed with the idea of womanhood and everything that comes with it, I asked these talented artists to join me and create, through my visual medium - the Ideal - the possible impossible.

The book “Half The Sky” inspired me to create “BREATH ME” - a project that presents the feminine subject, the women, the power that holds the world being supported by the society, the men in her life and everyone around.
Yet, in the situations where-we as women- are being held down, repressed or stopped from achieving what we desire - half the sky will fall down.

As the New York Times writes :

“Gendercide,” the daily slaughter of girls in the developing world, steals more lives in any given decade “than all the genocides of the 20th century.

Look at it this way - How can we live in a world where the biggest force of nature is constraint to walk on the ground, when she is built to fly above?

That’s what it feels like to take away the chance to education, to be put down for being “the weak one”, the possibility to speak up and be listened to, the opportunity to lead. This is about centuries of the same pattern and it is in your power, today and the days to come, to make a change.

Because I never in my life opened this kind of subject publicly - I feel liberated now. It was about time.

Costumes created by @iamocanu
Light @thelu.mag
Assist & bts @sotosigur
@dianasar @silviudaniel @dorin_eremia @ryanpavel_ @mihai__dennis

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