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I am a Romanian fine-art & portrait photographer based in Brooklyn, New York City. With a background in the performing arts, my work focuses on creating “worlds” based upon allegorical themes that include a diversity of subjects, stories, and cultural backgrounds.


I work with people who have peculiar stories to tell, establishing a basis for a deeply interpersonal and collaborative process of dynamic and cinematically-inspired stories. Being raised in a very religious environment I didn’t question, I followed. Now, my consciousness is defined, not by right or wrong, but by honesty and truth.


My responsibility as an artist is to speak out, loudly, in a creative manner, for those too afraid to do so. If you wish, I’ll be your martyr, the one to be judged and persecuted, as long as I can hear, empower, and most of all encourage them to be proud of who they are and what they represent.



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