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Models : Siercia O'Brien , Marie Louise, Gretel Munday, Will Wheaton, Chris Wind, Tom Koch, Tyler Bryan, Alexis, Yaya, Meeko Gattuso, Jimmy James Alt, Carlota Pena Jimenez

(RE)BIRTH DAY & how I spent 24 years since I arrived on this planet with the greatest, open, creative people I know in this country. Thank you all! You made it so special. Romantic & sublime, constantly changing and unstoppable. "Apocalypse within .Let's get this party started, shall we?"-Lu

Destabilizing and transformative. Sublime is the strongest of passions because it contains the potential of highest form of exaltation. 

The photo shoot will be focusing on group and individual photos. Everybody will access an alter-ego/ persona. The main goal is to show the feeling of re-discovery, boldness and need to be understood, also vulnerability and weakness.

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